As a partner of Open For Service, you’ll receive support in getting the message out that you not only serve everyone, but also specialized training to help your employees understand exactly what inclusion looks and feels like! We have supplied information on how we can achieve two very important goals with an Open For Service Corporate Sponsorship:

  1. Educating the Public — You have committed to serving everyone through an Open For Service Partnership, now let’s get the word out! Open For Service will supply templates and scripts to help announce the partnership to let the public know the good you are doing. In addition, you’ll get up to 100 stickers to place at your headquarters and any other locations you choose.
  2. Educating your Team — We want you to do more than publicize that you are Open For Service, we want you to teach your team what inclusion really means. We have included a high-level inclusion consultant through one of our partners that will provide high-level training and materials that you can distribute to your employees.

Corporate Partner

Cost: $15,000

As a Corporate Partner with Open For Service we’ll work with you to:

  • Release a joint Press Release to announce the partnership
  • Promote the partnership on the Open For Service Website and Social Media Sites
  • Place a link in the Open For Service Directory that promotes the partnership
  • Provide script examples for your organization’s own social media postings
  • Post the partnership on the Open For Service social media sites
  • Provide Open for Service Stickers for up to 100 locations (each additional 100 stickers are an additional $1,000 per location)
  • List your business in the Open For Service Directory
  • 15 hours of inclusion consulting and follow-up materials to distribute to your Human Resources Department

For more information, please contact kyle[a] If you require travel for any Open For Service member to attend any onsite events or meetings, there may be additional expense.