Gas Mart Welkom t/a The Gas Boys

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Monday - Friday from 08:30 till 17:00 Saturday from 08:30 till 13:00 CLOSED ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS
LP Gas Cylinders, LP Gas Refills, Braai, Potjie, Ovens, Hobs, Water, Ice


As South Africa’s first LPG franchise, Gas Mart is challenging the status quo in the alternative energy industry and in the franchise sector, by making alternative energy solutions available to every home and business in South Africa.   With 10 years’ experience in the industry, Gas Mart is your total solutions LPG shop, where you can buy all your high-quality LP Gas and related products in a single visit. Our franchisees supply and refill LP gas cylinders, stock a wide range of gas appliances, and provide an excellent installation and maintenance service.   With electricity prices on the rise and the threat of an ongoing load-shedding crisis, the market for alternative energy sources, such as LP Gas, is growing significantly. That’s why LP Gas and its related products are fast-becoming a reliable and cost-effective replacement for all electrical products in the residential, industrial and hospitality markets.   We operate nationwide with Gas Mart franchises already in most provinces. Our first across-the-border franchise is in Maseru, Lesotho and we’ll soon be expanding into Zambia too.   Visit us in Welkom for all your LP Gas, Braai, Potjie, Ovens and Gas related needs. We supply bottled and refill RO Water and Ice!