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Why are there no professional photographers who print out the pictures? Why are there no printers which also do bookbinding? Why don’t the bookbinders create the layout? After all these questions we finally said if no one else is going to do it, we will! The idea as simple as genius is to get all your needs that concern design from one place. We focus mainly on photography. We have studied that matter and are one of the few who actually practice it. We do product, fashion and portrait photography. Our huge advantage is that we cover different styles and work to keep our creativity alive and well. We work hard to get you exactly what you want. You shouldn’t settle for anything. Our customers are the G-Star RAW Stores Austria, the Executive Academy of the University of Business and Economics in Vienna, Porr AG, JC Hoerl, Starbucks, the LIK Academy for Photography in Vienna, Fauxfox magazine, Volume magazine and a few Viennese designers for interior design and fashion. We would be happy to welcome you at Farbraum!