NorthStar Psychological + Consultation Services, LLC

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Monday - Thursday 8 am to 8 pm
Mental Health, Wellness, Counseling, Psychotherapy


Hi! I'm Dr. Grant, an Indiana native with over 14 years in the field. I specialize in the treatment of adults and couples who struggle with mood disorders (e.g., depression, dysthymic, and bipolar disorders), anxiety disorders (e.g., GAD, OCD, phobias, and social anxiety), mild trauma (i.e. small 't' traumas), grief and loss, substance-related disorders driven by underlying intrapsychic issues, couples-related issues including sexual addiction, and dysphoria related to sexuality and gender identity. A focus of my practice is geared towards working with those identified as part of the LGBT+ community and their allies. As a small business owner, I know first hand the vicissitudes of this endeavor, and thus, enjoy working with other small business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists in the community. Given my health psychology background, I have a passion for health and wellness and enjoy working with medically-involved populations, especially since we are unable to ignore the connection and impact the mind and body have on one another.