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Ideas and insights come to us all in a flicker of seconds, but if not documented, they disappear into oblivion with greater speed than they came. Worse, still, if they are not captured with the right words, or presented in the right way, they end up communicating an entirely wrong message to the audience, rather than what the writer meant to say, and thus alienate the readers from the writer. A very sad phenomenon indeed. The Ready Writers Consult was born out of the need to Bridge the gap between thoughts and prints; conception and organised expression Reduce the rate of idea mortality (i.e. ideas that come to mind and filter away unwritten, unshared or unpublished); and Upgrade the standards of written communication in our public space. We are greatly concerned that most of the writing ideas that come to people’s mind usually passed unarticulated, while those that were documented were not written in conformity to the nuances of acceptable writing. We are poised to address this problem by offering you topflight research, writing and editorial expertise. Our business is to take away your research, writing, and editorial inconveniences whilst giving you time to do more of what matters to you. Our Vision To be the most visible content providers in Nigeria, West Africa and the African continent; and the first name that comes to mind when excellence, resourcefulness or quality delivery is mentioned. Our Mission To Our Clients: To offer our clients an unbelievable range of deliverable options, plus time to do more in their spheres of core competence by taking off their research, writing, and editorial inconveniences; whilst exceeding their expectations through our professionalism and resourcefulness in job execution and delivery.