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Hello. You do not know me, but my name is Quinn and I am the new Digital Media Specialist Intern for Open for Service. Basically I will be using our social media, email, blogs, etc. to communicate with you and build up the brand of Open for Service. So you do not know me now, but hopefully you will soon.

            But who am I? I am a product of Muncie, Indiana. Born and raised. I currently attend Ball State University and am studying Creative Writing and Women and Gender Studies. In all honesty, Open for Service is not somewhere I thought I would end up. I want to work in the comic book industry, but when I saw that Open for Service had internships available I thought to myself that I could potentially help people while doing an internship and so here I am. I want to help people. Personally, I do not face discrimination. I am a white, straight, able-bodied, lower-middle class, male. The only time I have to do a double take before going somewhere is when I am crossing the street. But living 21 years in Indiana, I saw that not everyone is as fortunate as I am. Do not get me wrong, I love my home state and I am a Hoosier through and through, but we have our problems, which is another big reason I am so excited to work with Open for Service, as the work they do is the true meaning of Hoosier Hospitality.

            I first heard of Open for Service not long after their inception, through one of the stickers. It popped up on my favorite coffee shop soon after the RFRA had been passed. Then I started to see it more and more. Seeing the stickers made me feel confident in my decisions of where to go and where to spend my money. Again, while I can go anywhere without much hassle, I knew where I could bring my friends. I knew which businesses would provide me with an accepting atmosphere and I knew where I could meet people that were like-minded – both owners and patrons. I think this feeling and knowledge is immensely valuable. Everyone should be treated fairly, but we know that this is not always the case, which is why I think it is vital to build a community of businesses and people that are there to explicitly say: “I support you.”

So, I support you.

I am here and ready to help Open for Service continue the great work that they do and bring forth more positive change. For everyone.  I am excited to work with you and build this community of acceptance. I am excited to help in any small or large way I can.

This is the part where if you and I and everyone else reading this were in a circle, I’d put my hand in the middle, and then so would everyone else and I would say “We support you on 3!” and we would all do it. So just picture this in your mind, ok? Ready?

We support you on 3.




We support you!

In Solidarity,


P.S. – Want a chance to be featured on the Open For Service blog and social media? It’s easy, simply share your story with us!

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