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My name is Melissa Curran and I am the owner and certified aromatherapist of Scented Balance. I am open for business to one and all and grateful for every client I have.

The Constitution guarantees equal protection under the law and also provides each of us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Who are we to judge what anyone’s happiness looks like?

We all have different wants, needs and desires and giving each other the dignity and respect to walk the journey we are meant to take is the most precious freedom of all.

I created my business in 2015 about the time that Indiana enacted the LGBT discrimination law. I knew right then that I would not and could not discriminate against someone because they believed differently than me or because they led a different lifestyle than me.

The infamous HB2 Bathroom bill was created in North Carolina to strip away civil rights of anyone who doesn’t agree with the politicians currently in power. I live in North Carolina – I’m embarrassed and ashamed of those politicians who herded this bill through in the dark of night – no discussion, no debate, no questions asked.

I simply cannot stand by and watch our civil rights be stripped away because of a few fanatics. Who will they come for next?

What if you had to receive a blood transfusion? Do you tell your doctor I’ll only take blood from someone who thinks like me? No. You accept the blood that will keep you alive. On the inside, we are all alike.

Wait – what does being LGBT have to do with anything? Especially for a business? I’m here to tell you one thing, I choose to be a successful entrepreneur and therefore, I am open for business to those who want to do business with me. Do you look like me or act like me or think like me? Maybe  – maybe not. It makes no difference to me.

My gift to our world is to help you take charge of your own well-being through the wisdom of aromatherapy. I’m NOT here to judge anyone simply because we might be different from one another – what if I discriminated against the fanatics that started this? How would that feel?

I firmly believe that by celebrating our differences we actually have much more in common. Through that celebration, we have a common sense of tolerance, respect, kindness, laughter and most importantly, education.

What is important is treating all human beings with dignity and respect. We are all equal under the law. As business owners, we can take a stand and show our respect for friends, family, neighbors and clients.

At Scented Balance, I am open for business – for everyone!

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