Several years ago I found myself standing next to one of my very best friends singing Amazing Grace to drown out the shouts of hate and bigotry. It was a surreal moment that still sends chills down my spine. That day, I was making sure my voice was heard in opposition to RFRA, not because I was directly impacted by the legislation but because people that I cared about would be.

Fast forward to now and that moment in time led Josh Driver to start Open for Service and led me to continue to lend my support to him and anyone that feels discriminated against by making sure the doors to my business are always open.

I had the privilege of buying Tree House a little over a year ago with the intention of making it a space that all feel welcome, of making it a yoga refuge & soul sanctuary. A space that is safe and allows those who visit to begin to heal from whatever it is they need to heal from.

I don’t ask…nor do I care…what someone’s political beliefs are. I don’t ask…nor do I care…who or how they love. I don’t care about race or religion or what gender someone identifies with. The ONLY thing I care about is that every.single.person that graces our Tree House feels welcome.

If in a yoga class, students are able to see a diverse mix of people that have come together to share energy and support one another on this journey we call yoga (aka life), then maybe…just maybe…we can learn to see how similar we are, instead of focusing on how we are different.

Open for Service has provided a platform for people to seek engagement with businesses and places within our community that support diversity. I truly hope that means supporting diversity of all types. That we can begin to shine a light on that which makes us more alike than different.

I read a book recently by Byron Katie called “Loving What Is”. In it she describes how there are three types of businesses: (1) My Business, (2) Your Business, and (3) God’s Business. Of those, the ONLY business I can expect to control is My Business. Your Business is just that, your business. So if something isn’t My Business or Your Business, that means it’s God’s Business, and neither of us should be worried about it.

Since reading this amazing book, I’ve become aware of how easy it is to get spun up by focusing on a business that isn’t mine. And how if I’m constantly trying to fix Your Business or God’s Business, then no one is running My Business.

I share all this to say that at Tree House…literally my business…we will support you as you tend to Your Business and expect that you will afford those around you the same. If we could all do just that one thing…if we could just focus on our own business, we could change the world by first changing ourselves simply by loving what is. Xoxo

This is my story as a business owner, will you share yours?

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