Hey everyone!

I hope you have had a moment to download the Open for Service mobile app (iPhone and Android) and check out the cool new directory – directory.openforservice.org!

This week, I am out in San Francisco talking about Open for Service, its technology and how companies can use technology to promote inclusion and better communication with a diverse audience.

We’ve been so thankful to work with Salesforce and present at its largest convention – Dreamforce – to hopefully inspire for-profit companies to consider WHO YOU ARE when communicating and also being respectful of WHO YOU ARE when working together.

It’s only day 1, and I have had so many people come and talk to me about inclusion and our organization.  Team #openforservice is out here and we are working on expanding our capabilities rapidly and what we will need to not only leverage the mobile app and directory, but be able to send you information and resources that you need – no matter where you are.

We’re also getting some time to speak with large possible corporate partners that can help to fund our non-profit and better serve this amazing, diverse, positive community. 

If you’re a current registered business and can’t find your listing on the directory – let us know and we can update it, or tell you what we need for it to appear.  Email us at info@openforservice.org.

Okay, back to telling everyone how awesome you are and what we are doing togeter to make the world a better place. 

–  Team #openforservice

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