Today, we have had an awesome discussion on our Facebook Page about boycotts based off an article published in regards to Cyndi Lauper and her stance on continuing to play a concert in North Carolina.

 Open For Service is designed to exist as a positive response to a negative situation (ex. RFRA).  We wanted to give businesses and organizations a voice in this debate that will hopefully overpower the negativity and backlash situations like this create.   Many of our registered businesses depend on convention traffic, tourism, and locals to remain sustainable.

 Boycotting leads to decreased traffic, employment losses, and created a bigger financial impact on the communities that depend on this revenue.  These businesses fall victim to the aftershock of boycotts, and it isn’t fair.  For example, recently Paypal ceased plans to build a new facility that would employ 400 people.  Now that this is not happening – possibly 400 people who are looking for work will no longer have that opportunity.  

 I am 100% in agreement that RFRA’s are bad.  But who is going to stay and try to make life a little bit better for people that are required to stay in a state?  How can we protect those that do not have the opportunity to move?  What can we do in the interim to support each other, educate, and protect all types of people that are negatively affected by RFRA legislation? 

 I want to see RFRA legislation repealed just as much as anyone else.  From my experience as I grow this mission is that we have made great strides in education and demonstrating the inclusion we so desperately need. 

 We shouldn’t deprive people of opportunities because of the actions of others.  We should honor and support them as they begin work on trying to make change and figure out how to thrive unprotected.

 Let us know how you feel –

–          Josh

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  1. I applaud the positive take and personally continually try to walk the fine line between being seen as positive/nieve vs realistic. I am often asked when do I draw the line and say this is not a time to be positive and the usual response is when someone’s safety or the safety of others is at risk. So for example not thinking/saying yes I have had a few drinks but no I can’t safely drive home.

    I love your mission but people will get hurt if the anti human dignity movements are not stopped. Members of the LGBT world who already feel Like the uphill battle is too steep will decide life is just not worth it. Bigotry will be fueled by this movement and foolish people will feel empowered to not only share their hatred but act upon it and even more will get hurt.

    There is a place for both boycotts and positive statements because the realistic side of the world knows boycotts do work. But boycotts don’t end all tourism or travel or hiring freezes and your mission fulls the void and leaves a voice for tolerance and acceptance for those who are left in the wake of these shortsighted politicians and religious "leaders" who bank on the worst in people for their power and survival.

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