I’ve never been good at giving up.  Even when the odds have been against me, or I’ve been set up to fail, or the “writing was on the wall” . . Well, don’t give up.  This is just the beginning . .

I’ve been watching social media this evening and noticed the predicted negativity commence.  It’s so sad to see both sides taking digs at the perceived stereotypes and further dividing our state on LGBT protections.

I get it.  I’m not happy with today’s result.  I know how much work Freedom Indiana has put into working on this, and it is much appreciated.  So, where’s the silver lining – you ask?

1)    We didn’t turn our backs on the transgender community.  The original bill introduced did not provide any protections for our transgender brothers and sisters.  We didn’t take no for an answer.  That is the right thing to do.

2)    Time is our friend, not necessarily our enemy.  Like Rome, LGBT rights were not built in a day.  We can take this opportunity to acknowledge how far we have come, and use this time to get more Open For Service stickers out there.  We have time to talk to our community and start a positive dialog to get both sides to understand each other and reach a better resolution. Younger generations are more open-minded and eager to do the right thing.  They will be a driving force for future legislation.

3)    We are making a plan.  Open For Service has taken a more passive stance during this debate purposely.  We wanted to watch how our legislators dealt with this issue and use this to effectively plan our goals for the next 5 years.  We believe that this issue will not go away, but may take a long time to resolve.  That’s where we think we need to come in – build a strong network of businesses and resources so that we can mimic protections and also support businesses that believe in diversity

 So that’s what we will do.  We’ve begun testing new strategies and features that will make the mobile app even better.  We are talking with several local and national organizations about how to partner and grow.  We are going to TRIPLE our board and start a fundraising plan to add staff, and make this sustainable. 

What can you do?  I’m glad you asked.  We take donations, you can register your business and you can let us know that you are interested in sponsorship’s, volunteer opportunities, partnerships, and/or board appointments.

Shoot me an email – josh@openforservice.org.  Let’s get to work!

If you’re on twitter – CLICK HERE to send a message that Indiana is #openforservice and #WELOVEYOUHERE!!

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