Let’s talk about this week. As you prepare for what I hope is a fantastic week, I wanted to send a quick message to you. If you live in Indiana, on Wednesday there will be some major decisions by our legislators in regards to religious freedoms.  If you would like to join Freedom Indiana at their rally, click here. If you don’t live in Indiana, this message is still for you.  Regardless of what happens, I want to remind you not to give up or let it ruin your week.  Don’t let the decisions of a few affect your decision to come to Indiana or to leave our state.  There are some pretty talented people that are working together to figure out how to turn it around.  I know that your gut may tell you to react by posting negative things about Indiana, our legislators, Hoosiers, etc. but ask yourself, “is this going to really start a proactive discussion about LGBT rights?” At the end of the day, the vast majority of people and businesses would support you.  We’ve proved that.  There have been over 400 downloads of the Diversity and Inclusion policy from Open For Employment.  This means that there may be over 400 new companies where you can work and not be fired for being who you are!  I’m going to try to figure out a way to out “negative” what may happen – and I will let you know as soon as possible how you can be involved. Like I have said, I do not know politics.  I don’t have any insider information about what may happen this week.  But I want you to stay positive.  Stay proactive.  Stay #openforservice.  Make this week a great week for you and those around you.  Shop #openforservice businesses, hug your neighbor, and know that we have come so far!  If you are not in Indiana, you may find your state or country in the same situation.  We’ll be there as well to support! Email me if you need anything! Best, Joshua Driver
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