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IT’S MONDAY!  But hopefully, a short week for you.  Now that I have had a few hours of sleep, I thought I would take a moment and talk about what’s been up.

OPEN FOR SERVICE SATURDAY WAS A SUCCESS!  We had over 70 businesses register and provide discounts!  Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to support our little org and we hope to plan another one again soon.  Freedom Indiana was instrumental in promoting us across the state, and continuing to do great things for us and Hoosier!  Give them a high-five next time you see them.

The mobile app is growing!  We are slowly adding more data into the app as we can verify business locations and information.  Registered businesses – look for an email from us in January to update your profile.

Sounds like we’re closing up shop for 2015, then . . right?  NOPE.

1.       OPEN FOR EMPLOYMENT – We hope to launch this VERY soon.  Providing protections for your employees is not as hard as you think they would be.  Thanks to a partnership with Invigorate HR, we will be hosting a webinar with the President – Jeremy York to discuss how to implement policies, talk about different scenarios, and give you ways to promote your diversity to better recruit top talent!  MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR January 20th at 2pm EST.  Registration will be available soon.

2.       NEW VIDEO – We will be posting our video soon!  This amazing animated video shows how Open For Service is here for YOU, and our hope to build a strong tech offering to connect each other and create in infrastructure that protects people, even if the legislature does not.

3.       FUNDRAISING – Thanks to a great partnership with Salesforce, we have been able to lower our operating costs significantly.  We hope to start really hitting the ground with fundraising to rapidly expand out across the nation and the WORLD!  This requires resources to be available during the day. 

Okay, I’m tired just thinking about this.  Look for some really great new things coming out soon.  Stay with us and keep the feedback coming!  

We hope you enjoy your time with your families this week.  Open For Service will be “closed” 12/24-12/28 so we can spend time with ours.  


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