This week was #givingtuesday, and we set out to raise a bit of money to keep the website up and running plus expand the directory to better serve our community.  A big THANK YOU to the individuals that chose us as their organization this year.  The money goes a SUPER LONG way, so please know that you are now an integral part of the success of Open For Service.

I’m cheap.  We forgo big investments to work on mutually beneficial partnerships to share resources.  We use technology like Salesforce to track progress and help scale appropriately.  We are growing at a pace that is similar to organizations comprised of more than 5 full time employees and at a fraction of the budget.  We have had to pass up on some really cool things in the interest of saving our money for our initiatives.  Hopefully we can circle back on those in the future.

On my list of things to do, fundraising is typically near the bottom.  I don’t love asking for money.  Personally, I donate to several charities regularly and I have a hard time with the idea that Open For Service could possibly be in some sort of competition for donations. 

So I am going to ask you for a “donation”.  I use quotes because this donation comes in the form of your time and network.

1)    Sponsorship – Does a company you know or work for offer sponsorship opportunities for non-profits? Could you introduce us?

2) Register more businesses – As we write grants, it helps to get more businesses registered. Tweet/Facebook/Call/Email/Instagram businesses that you think should be a part of our initiative and get them signed up!

3) ‪#‎openforselfie – as you run to lunch, or dinner tonight and see a sticker, take a picture of yourself with it, tag us and use the hashtag #openforselfie and I’ll donate $1.00 for each one!

4) Promote – Share our social media and websites on your pages! We are hard at work updating the directory and mobile app make this community great.


We will be rolling out some cool ways to refer people soon, but in the short term we really appreciate any of your help to grow.  The more businesses we have listed; the more attention we get.  This helps us with the grant process and opens doors for us to do more.

Okay, that’s all for now.  Please take a moment and consider one of the above options and run with it!  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate all you have done for us this year and will continue to do our best to support inclusiveness.

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