HERO – Exactly Why We Need Open For Service

Yesterday, HERO (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) was rejected by the voters.  If you are unaware of HERO or what happened view the article here. As other cities and states decide how to handle situations like these, it’s more important now than ever to work on the expansion of Open For Service. 

We are not political, and the purpose of this blog isn’t to make a political statement.  Open for Service was built to exist separate of what the government decides to do in these situations.  If the decision is made to include protections to a class of people, we want to be able to provide a list of businesses that would not turn someone away based on sexual orientation, gender, race, or political/religious affiliation.

We have found that decisions like these have adversely affected businesses in the area where legislation like this is defeated, and we want to change that.  Situations like HERO start to bring up the question of “So now where should I be concerned that I will be turned away?”

Let’s refocus this question to say, “Where can I go knowing that I am valued and supported?”  Our hope is for Open for Service to be the answer.

Currently, we have over 5,000 registered businesses across most industries that have stood up to say that they will not turn someone away.  This number continues to grow and we are building out new technology to better connect you with these amazing entities.

Our audience size is over 100,000 people spread across email, and social media channels.  They want to know where they can go.

If you are a business owner, please register at www.openforservice.org.  There is no cost to register, but we recommend purchasing a sticker for your storefront to show that you value everyone.

If you know a business that should be in our directory, let them know about us!  The expansion of the community will help everyone in the long run.

Join us, support us, and celebrate the registered businesses.  Tell them thank you for valuing everyone.  Our system works and supports communities no matter what happens with our legislators.  Thank you for continuing to support our mission and developing an, “open door economy”.

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