I have been telling friends in conversation that I, “no longer want to adult.”  This means that I reminisce of the days when I didn’t have to make decisions and things just . . . worked out.

As I try to remember all the projects and tasks related to my daytime job, I have to recall the simultaneous initiatives that are moving forward with Open for Service.  Let me just list a few of those here:

1)    New Website
2)    Video Production
3)    Version 2.0 of the Directory
4)    Version 2.0 of the mobile app
5)    Coordination of the rotary phones
6)    Legal/Accounting reviews
8)    Campaign Coordination
9)    Budgeting
10) Meetings, Meetings, Meetings.
11) Organization growth
12) Marketing
13) Infrastructure management

This is what I can just think of at the moment!  Trust me, it is not for the faint of heart.   Open for Service has been an amazing opportunity to use and grow my skill-set plus be a cool test bed for new ideas.  There is never a shortage of opinions and feedback that I receive, and I am so grateful for all who continue to be involved as we get ready to launch this in a much larger way.

I spoke with a reporter recently about the growing desire of consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.  Companies like Angie’s List, Carfax, Guidestar, etc. deal directly with supplying information about services and products to educate the public before they make a purchase.  Why shouldn’t we be supplying our audience with the growing database of businesses in all industries that would gladly accept you into their store, or on their website?

Open for Service exists regardless of legislative decisions and public opinion, and we continue to grow this community on a shoestring budget.  Of course I personally hope for Statewide and Federal nondiscrimination policies because I wouldn’t want anyone I know, (or myself), to be turned away from a business.  I also do not want towns, communities, states, regions, etc. to get a bad reputation because there are a SMALL group of people that think it’s okay to turn people away.  In that scenario, no one is a winner.  We all pay the price. 

So my point in this message is that Open for Service is here.  We will grow.  We will listen to your feedback and incorporate it into our road map for the future.  We will always be trying to figure out how to help everyone from the Christian gal who just moved to San Francisco to the trans man that needs to find a grocery store in rural Mississippi.  We owe it to the human race to support each other, especially those groups who may be under appreciated in society. 

If you are reading this blog, I would imagine you would agree with me.  We are always seeking donations – (Monetary and in-kind), volunteers, and consultants to help us be as effective as possible in serving the mission.  If you are interested, please email me at:  josh@openforservice.org.

Thank you again for all of the support you continue to give.  Thank you for patience as we expand and enhance what we are doing.

Happy Monday and I hope to hear from you soon!

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