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Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I took a break from the computer and worked on the house with my partner.   I find that it has been helpful to change my scenery to think about how Open for Service can evolve and really build a stronger community.

Recently, I met with someone that gave me her feedback on O4S.  Her story is pretty cool.  She is a straight white woman that feels like she needs to get involved to promote inclusiveness.  Personally, I think that it is inspiring when people who are unaffected by discrimination want to help others.  She’s a pretty great gal and I hope she gets involved with the organization soon!

Anyways, she coined a term that I think it’s really interesting.  Open for Service is a perfect organization for economic development.  When I hear the term, “economic development” I think it makes sense for a few reasons:

1) Business Highlights – Through our audience, we celebrate and display businesses that believe in accepting people regardless of their differences.

2) Revenue Increase – A significant amount of registered businesses have reported back that they have gotten new business because of the sticker and directory

3) No (or Low) Cost – There is NO CHARGE to be in the directory.  The stickers cost $10.00 with a portion of that going to

With our core mission of connecting individuals with businesses that support everyone, Open for Service could be thought of as an option for economic development.  So as we expand outside of Indiana and test new ways to engage people to participate in this organization, let us know of how we can continue to help our registered business community.  We want to grow this community exponentially, and we can do it!!

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