In case you haven’t heard, Open for Service has partnered with Freedom Indiana in hopes of passing a LGBT inclusive non-discrimination bill. Our friends at Freedom Indiana have been the driving force towards building a strong community that promotes a more inclusive state. Since March, Open for Service has been hard at work growing the directory and developing new technology to serve our mission.  We’ve launched our first iteration of the online directory, Android/iPhone apps, and recently a Point-of-Sale “Phone” to provide real-time coupons!  Our technology road map is SUPER impressive and I think you’ll love some of the new features coming soon.

When I first started Open for Service, I REALLY do not want to get political.  The mission of this organization stands to provide alternatives to businesses that would turn someone away due to their sexual orientation, gender, political beliefs, religious affiliation, and race.

I have received a lot of feedback from our registered businesses as well as the public asking how to become more involved in helping to fix Indiana’s reputation for being an unwelcoming state.  Numerous articles, studies, testimonials, and surveys have shown that our state’s reputation has taken a beating and as a result – adversely affected Indiana’s economy.  I would be remiss in my job if I didn’t connect our audience with other opportunities to show their support for everyone.

This is wherein our partnership with Freedom Indiana was created.  If you are an Open for Service business owner or supporter that wants to provide a louder voice then please do!  Freedom Indiana is a group of extremely talented people that understand what it takes to work with both sides of the aisle on legislation.  Open for Service is built to direct people on a world-wide scale to make educated purchasing decisions and celebrate businesses that value diversity.  Freedom Indiana’s strong community is actively using our directory to find Open for Service businesses, and that is a HUGE positive for our registered businesses. 

The partnership between Freedom Indiana and Open for Service creates a stronger message that Indiana is more inclusive and welcoming than what has been portrayed as we continue the religious freedom discussion.  We support the work Freedom Indiana is doing to help increase revenue for our Indiana registered businesses. 

As always, please feel free to shoot me an email – – with questions, concerns, thoughts, hopes, dreams, donations, high fives, and hugs.  Have a great week and drop by an Open for Service business to tell them thank you for their support.

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